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2019/2020 Scholarship Awards

ACCERS INSTITUTE Scholarship Programmes for Secondary School Leavers who are interested in the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria – ICAN Foundation Programme for Secondary School Leavers – Accounting Technician Scheme (ATSWA). Success in the examination qualifies you for University admission at 200 level for BSc. Accounting. You can also work with your certificate as Accounts Officer in many organizations.

The scholarship awards given to students are:
(i)   Special Education Award
 and, (ii)  Performance Award;

Special Education Award
 is given to students who need financial assistance. The award is 50% off the Tuition fee.
Performance Award
 is given to students who excelled in their academic performance in WAEC and NECO with higher grades, the required grades are 3As or 3Bs and 2Cs. The award is 33 1/3% off the Tuition fee. Application fee of N2,500 applies on each award. Forms can be submitted online or at 11th Floor, Niger House, UAC Building, 3-5 Odunlami Str, Lagos, Nigeria. Please note that the award is available to students who registered with ACCERS Institute.

What we offer

Quality Education

Accountancy is a noble profession and well respected all over the world.  We provide quality education to assist student pass their examinations and have the competencies required to start an employment.  We have small classes and students have personal attention of their tutors.  ACCERS ensures that students are engaged in extramural activities to complement their class activities.  Excursions, seminars, debates are organized to prepare our students for the future.  Learning methods are designed to permit students develop on their own.

Learning Environment

ACCERS creates a positive learning environment.  Our environment is safe and conducive for learning.  Our students are respected and they have control over their activities.  The lecturers are dedicated and build relationship to assist the students pass their examinations with confidence.  ACCERS has an established standard of behaviour which is consistently enforced.  We ensure that we imbibe in the students the ethics of the profession at an early stage for their development.

Window of Opportunity

Our students on graduation have opportunity to work, continue their professional examinations or pursue their University education.
Those who prefer to work will receive assistance from ACCERS for internship.  We also nurture our students to be self-employed.  We expose students to varied industries and have the capacity to work in any environment.

academic calendar


September 16 – 20          Registration Orientation

September 23                   Classes begin

October 1                           Independence Day Holiday

October 29 – 31               Mid-term Holiday

December 13                    Classes end

December 16 – 20           Examinations  ACCA

January 1, 2020               Public Holiday New Year

January 6                          Classes resume

March 16 – 20                  Examinations 

March 20                           School closed

Developmental Programmes

July 2                                     Classes begin

September 14 – 17              Examinations

September 18 –                   Classes end

September 19 – 29              School holidays

September 30                   Classes begin

December 18                     Classes end

January 4, 2021                   Classes begin

March 12                               Classes end

March 15 – 19                      Examinations

Developmental Programmees


January 2 – 4              Registration and Orientation

January 6                     Classes begin

January 6                     Classes resume

March 16 – 20             Examinations   I

March 20 –                   School closed

Developmental Programmees

July 2                               Classes begin

September 14 – 17        Examinations

September 18                  Classes end

September 19 – 29         School holidays

September 30                 Classes begin

December 18                  Classes end

January 4, 2021                   Classes begin

March 12                               Classes end

March 15 – 19                      Examinations

For more details on our academic calendar. Contact Us


ACCERS has two starting sessions –
January and September Start.
January Session has Terms 1, 2, and 4   with a total of 31 weeks.

September has Terms 4, 1 and 2 with a total of 31 weeks.

The July Term, consisting of 9 weeks, is available for those who would like to take extra classes. 

Otherwise students can begin their summer holidays. Tuition Fees         *N150,000.00 per session of three terms Long Holiday July Session Class N45,000.00 (N60,000 for external students) Language Skill       Free Computing Skill     30,000.00 (For one term – January or Sept.) Library Services     10,000.00 Extramural activities costs will be announced before the events.


Students with excellent performance in their WASCE, NECO and GCE can receive a grant of up to 33% of the tuition fee.  For students who require financial assistance, ACCERS can assist in locating scholarships.

What are the benefits of attending ACCERS

  1. QUALITY EDUCATION –  We prepare you for life ensuring that you have access to the best learning system.
  2. EXTRAMURAL ACTIVITIES – We engage you in activities outside the classroom, such as excursion, research, seminars, conferences, networking with renowned professionals, sports, etc.
  3. PASS YOUR EXAMS ON FIRST ATTEMPT – We guarantee your excellent performance at examinations because we give personal attention to students.
  4. SECURITY –  Because you are equipped  with good education, your employment is secure whether through labour market or self-employment.

We give grants to deserving students, and up to 33% of the tuition fee can be granted.

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