About us

ACCERS is specifically established to cater for secondary school leavers who desire to become professional accountants in a positive learning environment.  Creating opportunity for young secondary school leavers to have academic pursuit in a professional setting has been our long time ambition. 

accers building

Why ACCERS Institute was established

ACCERS is an acronym for Accounting Education and Research Services and it has been in existence since 2003 educating Nigerians through workshops, seminars,conferences, weekend ICAN programme, and public awareness programme
In our quest to deepen the knowledge of accounting and inculcate the learning values at an early stage, we introduce accounting education to students in secondary schools for those who have interest in  accountancy and who desire to become professional accountants in the future.  ACCERS can help students make better decision at an early stage of life.
We provide full-time and part-time education system with quality academic staff and a good environment.

Mrs. Morenike Babing-Asahye

Mrs. Morenike Babington-Ashaye, FCA, FCTI
Founder, ACCERS Institute of Accountancy and Management

Our Goals

  1. To provide quality education to students.
  2. To create opportunity for secondary school leavers to start their accountancy profession career through a structured education programmes of professional bodies such as ICAN, ACCA, etc.
  3. To inculcate in students at an early stage professional ethics that are essential to protect the public and the reputation of professionals.
  4. To prepare for the society professionals who are sound in theory, character, and who can be trusted by the public.
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